Poetry can provide that opportunity to give a gift that is truly unique

Whether you want a poem to replace or enhance one of the traditional wedding speeches or just a couple of simple verses for a hand-made Valentine's card for that someone special, I can provide the perfect prose.

If you are looking for something totally unique for your wedding favours, a bespoke verse for each guest is just the answer and will be loved by each and every one of them. 

For those that find public speaking a challenge, reading a bespoke poem for the occasion can prove to be a great solution. The tone can be humerous, serious, heartfelt, sentimental or a combination.



Your personal poem should be ready within a few working days and you will receive a draft by email for approval. However if you are not completely happy, I will make any adjustments to ensure you receive your perfect poem. 

For Wedding Favours, we can mutually agree a delivery time which will be dependant on the number of guests so a reasonable amount of time should be allowed. 

I will also make every effort to meet any urgent requests.

All you need to do is provide a few ideas of what you require. Here are some pointers to get you thinking -

Type of Occasion


Family Members





Personal Characteristics

Message to convey


For Wedding Favours simply provide a few facts about each guest and I'll craft their individual poem that will surprise and delight.


For the Wedding Favours each poem will consist of 6 or 8 lines.

For other poems, verses normally consist of 4 lines. 

Decide how long you want your poem to be. Here's a rough guide -

1-2 Verses : Perfect for a self-crafted greetings card, wedding invite or a short reading

3-4 Verses: This works well for a personal poem including anniversaries, new arrivals etc.

5-6 Verses: Can replace readings at many occasions or to tell a story

7-8 Verses: Nice length for a speech where more detail is required